Energetic Indoor Games (Part 1)



This game requires so little preparation (which can done by the children), has no mess and creates such a contagious laughter, you’d be crazy not to try it on your next long day indoors, just before cabin fever sets in. It’s actually a cure for said fever!

It’s simple, don’t skip a word or you’ll miss the instructions…

Put a pile (start off with a small one) of teddies or pillows on the floor with room at either side to jump and land. That’s it, you’re ready!

Make sure there’s enough room to make a good run at the pile. Your child, or you, has the challenge of jumping over the pile and clearing it. You can simply run at it which is fun too but if there is a challenge set to clear it (especially for the older child) the game can be extended and the fun will last much longer as more soft obstacles can be added for increased difficulty.

I can’t take credit for thinking up this game.. I caught my son and his ‘cool’ 9 year old buddies having a great laugh and challenging each other.

TIP: If playing this with a younger child or toddler, adding an extra obstacle may be too difficult. His ‘challenge’ could be jumping over different teddies, each as easy to clear as the previous one but he would find the change exciting.



All you need for this is a CD player with a good rock or pop album (stay away from nursery rhymes, we want you to enjoy this too!). Blow up a few balloons if you have them nearby and you’re sorted. Turn up the volume and dance!

It’s better if you have some energy fuels yourself as it’s much more fun if mum/dad join in (those under a certain age just don’t care how you dance and it’s impossible to embarrass yourself). If you are feeling tired though, get up and dance anyway. It’s the perfect way to get yourself going and a few of those wonderful endorphins will be released to make your day that little bit brighter… Trust me, it works!!

TIP: I’ve found that the kids can get carried away at these ‘home’ discos and things can turn rowdy and dangerous, if there aren’t a few slower songs dotted in amongst the high octane ones. Otherwise you’re cutting the fun short and looking for something else to do (something quiet) when they really are not ready to calm down yet!



Okay, you know this one but I had to ad it, it never fails to entertain children of any age that I’ve played with. And the great thing is that this is a good game for the kids to play with each other while you grab a sneaky cuppa for yourself!

One way to make this game more exciting and a little more energetic is to prolong the searching. If you’re the one searching and you know exactly where the hider is, which is not difficult with the younger ones (C’mon, I can see your feet and your legs and your hands!), pretend you have no idea. Be so close that you could touch them but act like you haven’t a clue. Call their name, talk to yourself. The excitement will get his heart rate up and he’ll feel like he has run a little marathon.

You’ll have no problem having some quiet time after that, unless of course he wants to do it again and again and again and again….

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