Fun at the Beach (Part 2)



We all know of a child who just loves playing with construction toys. Using an actual building material that can be dug up, poured, sifted and moulded adds another dimension to this play and the beach is the perfect place to find the ideal material – sand!

Pack up those sturdy plastic diggers and dumpers and let their imaginations flourish as they set up quarries, build cities and parks or simply dig-dump-repeat.

Plastic toys are best for this as they can be easily hosed down afterwards. Some farming toys like tractors and accessories can be quite intricate in their design leading to sand getting stuck in very awkward places. You don’t want to you use your beautiful wooden construction toys which would go out of shape and colour with the damage from sea water.


This is an oldie but a goldie and something that will keep the kids busy for a long time, giving you a chance to open up hot flask that has been calling you.

Using spades, the children can dig a pit in the sand (one that they can fit in is more fun). A trench can be then dug all the way to the sea shore. Watch as the water quickly flows through the trench and ends up filling the pit- Exciting!

“Wow, go do another one, kids. Slurp, slurp”


If you feel your child could do with some one-to-one time with you, what better place to do that than at the seaside.

The softness of the sand beneath you as well as the hit of negative ions from the moving water makes for the ideal atmosphere for talking through problems that may be bothering your child, and enabling them to see those problems in a more positive light. Spending quality time together can be nothing but positive and invigorating when it is spent in nature. Who doesn’t feel good after spending time at the beach or by a woodland stream or waterfall?  Reintroducing your sullen teenager to the sea can also have a positive outcome and reconfigure any imbalances caused by hormones/study/screen-time!

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