Reflecting as a Preschool Teacher

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It’s the summer holidays, a time to relax, think back on your year and reflect on your performance as a preschool teacher because you really didn’t have a lot of time for this during your busy year! Take a critical look at the following questions to ask yourself (and your staff) so that you will well prepared and ready for a productive and fun filled year for you and your kids when September comes round.

Remember your plans from this time last year?

Think back on the plans and ideas you had 12 months ago. Did they come to fruition? If not, why not? Was it time constraints or lack of organisation or unwillingness on the part of co-workers? Is it time to change tactics and the way you approach certain ideas and people?

If they did come to fruition, it’s important to analyse this too. Identify who and what helped these plans to be realized and do it again!!

Did your curriculum work for you and the children?

What type of curriculum have you had this past year? An emergent & inquiry-based one, an adult-led one or a mix of both? Which approach worked well? Which was more engaging and FUN for the children?

If you engaged in an emergent curriculum, did you observe, listen to, talk to and play with the children to gain an insight into their interests?

Did your curriculum support the children as confident and competent learners?

Did the preschool environment (how the rooms are laid out) support the curriculum and allow for child led play and learning?

Did your attitude, personally or professionally, affect the execution of your curriculum? If so, do you need to develop yourself personally or professionally?

Did you have fun this year and are you looking forward to next year?

The more you enjoy your work, the more the children will enjoy their days at preschool.

Have you made sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally with plenty of exercise and lots of ‘me-time’ squeezed in here and there?

Did you get feedback during the year?

Have you asked parents for their thoughts and input throughout the year through anonymous (or otherwise) feedback forms and informal discussion? If you have, did you take their thoughts into consideration and act on them?

Use your time off to reflect and act on your outcomes whether they be self-improvement, a change of layout/curriculum or a few late lie-ins to get you kick-started again!

There are some handy forms for you to download for free in our Resources section which will help you with curriculum planning.

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Wishing you a wonderful year!!


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  1. “Reflective Practice for Early Childhood Professionals” by Heino Schonfeld, published by Barnardos, 2015.

    This book is for all educators who work in early years services. It will challenge you to think about what the term ‘reflective practice’ really means. It will also support you to use reflective practice in your workplace to improve the way you practice as well as your working relationships, which will ultimately lead to better outcomes for you and the young children in your service.

    1. Olga says:

      Great, thank you Heino!

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