Are your children’s learning goals being met?

(** Preschool Teachers in Ireland, are your activities and lesson plans meeting the Aistear Themes & Learning Goals? CLICK HERE for  Aistear-linked curriculum plans!)

You and the children have a little routine going, whether you are a preschool teacher or at home with your own kids. Every day is fun and interesting and predictable enough for the children to feel safe, secure and somewhat in control. All of you are happy with the running of your days and you feel everyone is challenged enough to keep their curious spark alive.

BUT… Are all the children’s learning goals meet in order for them to grow into the well rounded next generation that we hope for? I bet they are! Did you know that the little everyday acts and activities meet various learning goals like…

  • When you greet the children each morning, individually and with sincerity, you are helping them meet their learning goal of  having a sense of identity and belonging.

  • Freedom to choose activities that interest them will encourage the children to become curious and independent, which grows proficient explorers and thinkers.

  • Using eye contact with your children and listening intently to what they have to say will enhance their skills as good communicators.

  • Every healthy snack, every playground visit and every sincere & specific piece of praise (not the mindless “you’re so wonderful at everything” kind) will increase the all round well-being of your children.

As carers of our youngest citizens, we need to make sure these little acts are dotted throughout our day. It’s important too, to remember just how much we do already. Well Done 🙂 !!

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** Preschool Teachers in Ireland, are your activities and lesson plans meeting the Aistear Themes & Learning Goals? CLICK HERE!

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